The world’s first and only patented, environmentally friendly HC refrigerant

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HC Refrigerant Products HFC R-134a
Non Global Warming (GWP negligible) Global Warming (GWP of 3200 for r134a on Greenpeace calculations and publications
Non Ozone Depleting Non Ozone Depleting
Non Toxic
- Animal Testing has indicated that with repeated exposure Benign testicular may develop
-Postmortem will indicate increased organ weight
-r134a Human Testing has indicated that with repeated and/or high concentration single exposure humans may experience any of the following:
Reduced oxygen intake
Temporary alteration of heart's electrical activity
Irregular pulse / palpitations
Inadequate circulation
Heart irregularities
Tremors and other Central Nervous System symptoms
Unconsciousness or death
Thermal decomposition (exposure to open flame, glowing metal surfaces) forms
"Hazardous" hydrofluoric acid and possible carbonyl fluoride (both of which can cause severe  Central Nervous System reactions.)
Compatible with both mineral and synthetic oils including PAG and Ester oils r134a not compatible with mineral oils.  Need ester and PAG only.  Ester oils are very hydroscopic.  PAG oils are subject to toxic registration in certain states/regions. . 
Non Corrosive r134a Highly Corrosive
Pressure "high side" of MVACS approx. 150 psig Pressure "high side" of MVACS approx. 300 psig
Energy efficient compared to R-12 r134a not energy efficient compared to R-12