The world's first and only patented, environmentally friendly HC refrigerant

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Lower charge requirements     

Because the molecular structure of HC Refrigerants is considerably larger than that of existing synthetic alternatives, less of the refrigerant is required to charge a system. This not only reduces system pressures, but also helps prevent refrigerant leakage over time.

For example:
• HC-12a® requires 34% of the
                   CFC R12 charge by weight

• HC-12a® requires 40% of the
                   HFC R134a charge by weight

• HC-22a® requires 40% of the
                   HCFC R22 charge by weight

• HC-502a® requires 40% of the
                   CFC R502 charge by weight

HC-12a® Charging Instructions
1. Existing refrigerant may need to be reclaimed by qualified personnel. The weight of the recovered refrigerant should be recorded. Local regulations may vary by region and the technician should be aware of all applicable requirements.
2. Pull a system vacuum and leak test.
3. Using the weight of the recovered refrigerant, or the system label information, the weight of HC-12a® required will be approximately 35% of the weight of the recovered CFC, or approximately 40% of the weight of the recovered HFC refrigerant.
4. Connect gauges and hoses, then with the compressor off, install HC-12a® on the low-pressure side of compressor. After a minimum charge is achieved, start the compressor and set system to high. 5. Add additional HC-12a® as needed. Do not overcharge the system.
6. After verifying that pressures and temperatures are correct, remove the charging hose and place the HC-12a® label (supplied) on the air conditioning system. Ensure all labels are visible and clearly displayed.
7. If additional technical assistance is needed, please call your nearest HC Refrigerant distributor or Northcutt, Inc. directly.
8. The air conditioning system will now operate at cooler inside temperatures and a much lower head pressure, improving energy efficiency. IMPORTANT: The equivalent weight of HC-12a® to alternative refrigerants is shown in "NET WT." HC-12a® is designed to be charged as a liquid. DO NOT OVERCHARGE. Exceeding 60 psig (414kPa) on low side may damage compressor. In some cases, clearing the site glass overcharges the unit. Also, overcharging may cause loss of cooling efficiency.

Easily replaces harmful refrigerants
HC Refrigerants are designed to replace many environmentally harmful refrigerants currently in use.

HC-12a® is designed as a drop-in replacement for ozone-depleting CFC R12 and global-warming HFC R134a refrigerant.
HC-22a® is designed as a drop-in replacement for ozone-depleting HCFC R22 refrigerant.
HC-502a® is designed as a drop-in replacement for ozone-depleting CFC R502 refrigerant.