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Welcome visitors of  We are the same great people that you have worked with in the past. We now proudly sell  HC Refrigerant products manufactured under the auspices of the patent holder, Mr. Gary Lindgren.

Designed to replace ozone-depleting, global-warming refrigerants, HC Refrigerants are made of natural, organic compounds — not a blend of pre-existing, chemically based synthetic refrigerants, making them:

• Highly efficient
• Non-ozone depleting
• Non-corrosive

• Non-toxic
• Non-global warming
• Safe to use

In fact, HC Refrigerants can actually enhance the life and performance of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Thanks to an anti-friction additive and their excellent thermal and chemical stability, HC Refrigerants can help to improve the performance and extend the service life of air conditioning and refrigeration systems and components, reducing energy requirements and preventing system leakage. After more than 12 years of extensive testing, it’s clear that HC Refrigerants provide more efficient performance than the man-made, synthetic refrigerants they replace!

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Easily replaces harmful refrigerants
HC Refrigerants are designed to replace many environmentally harmful refrigerants currently in use.

HC-12a® is designed as a drop-in replacement for ozone-depleting CFC R12 and global-warming HFC R134a refrigerant.
HC-22a® is designed as a drop-in replacement for ozone-depleting HCFC R22 refrigerant.
HC-502a® is designed as a drop-in replacement for ozone-depleting CFC R502 refrigerant.

A natural solution to a global dilemma
A growing awareness of the environmental issues facing our planet has motivated many world leaders and governments to embrace hydrocarbon technology as a long-term solution to environmental concerns. The European Common has adopted a new Standard, CEN 378, which provides guidelines for the use and installation of HC refrigerants in over 14 European countries. In the past five years alone, more than eight million refrigerators and freezers were manufactured in Germany and Denmark utilizing HC technology. In the U.S., ASHRAE has rewritten Standard 15 to provide a framework for greater use of HC refrigerants. In the past ten years, more than one million gallons of our HC Refrigerant has been used to cool between three million and five million motor vehicles throughout North America. During that period, there have been no reported accidents or injuries attributed to the use of our products.

A safe alternative to traditional refrigerants
Like all hydrocarbons, HC Refrigerants are flammable. But in terms of safety issues, HC Refrigerants pose no greater threat than other flammable products such as hair spray, aerosol cleaners and insect repellents. Common sense, and adherence to the manufacturer’s labeling and directions, has virtually eliminated the inherent risks associated with the use of such products. Used as directed, HC Refrigerants are completely safe, and, unlike many new alternative refrigerants, are also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Risk Assessment studies, carried out worldwide by scientists and institutions, have recognized the safety of hydrocarbon refrigerants, often in preference to established CFC replacements.

From the recognized leader in hydrocarbon refrigerant technology
With a management staff boasting more than 30 years of experience in the HC industry, Northcutt offers unsurpassed quality control and unparalleled technical, sales and shipping support. We use only superior packaging, and our products comply with all applicable regulations. Northcutt proudly manufactures blends and packages its complete line of quality refrigerants under the auspices of the patent holder, Mr. Gary Lindgren. HC Refrigerants from Northcutt are the only hydrocarbon refrigerants in existence protected by international patents issued in the United States, Mexico and the UK.

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